How to: Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer Tutorial

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Hi guys, this post is all about Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer

As you already know, Opera mini does not support multiple frames – it uses their public proxy and render websites like screenshots. So, no animation (CSS animation, GIF image animation or any other animation) is supported by Opera Mini. That’s the secret – that’s why this is so fastest browser.

By the way, any countdown timer is also a kind of animation. I bet, you have seen frozen countdown timer or inactive redirect page in Opera Mini before. The solution is to call a JavaScript through Opera Mini address bar. What this does is – when a JavaScript got called from addressbar, it allows you to skip to the next 2-3 or more frames forward. We can use this function for any other Countdown Timer situation like that.

  1. At first, go to the page where you got stuck at dead Countdown Timer
  2. Go to the Opera Mini address bar and remove/clear all text
  3. Then enter the following text and press OK/enter


  4. Voila! Done! It’s nothing but as simple as this…

If the above code is not working, you can try these working alternatives as below. People says, the codes below are Opera Mini built-it, fixed. But I discovered that, any JavaScript through address bar is working to refresh and skip the frame. You can even try javascript:w3epic(); and it’ll work too. I tried Opera Mini 7, Opera Mini 4.2 and its working.

  • javascript:alert(showskipad);
  • javascript:showSkip();
  • javascript:alert(c=0);
  • javascript:void(0);
  • javascript:refresh;
  • javascript:start=download;


Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer 1 Bypass Opera Mini Countdown Timer 2

After entering one of these to your address bar, you will be taken to the 2-3 or more frames/seconds forward. It means if you have 5 seconds Countdown Timer, you have to enter this twice in your address bar.

I was stuck many times and then I tried this little JavaScript trick with, hotfile, 4shared, sourceforge and got success! You can try with different sites, I hope it will work for you.

I know typing this again and again is painful for larger Countdown Timers. So you can add this JavaScript code to your speed dial or bookmark. I suggest to add this to your speed dial. To add this to your speed dial, please follows the steps below –

  1. Go to Opera Mini Start Page
  2. Click and hold any speed dial
  3. Click on a speed dial between 1 to 9
  4. In address, type the following and press add


  5. Press done! You can also add the other six codes!

Now, remember the speed dial position number. If you saved this to number 1, then to access it just press * (asterisk) once and press 1. The JavaScript function will be called.

Thanks for your time to read this article. If you have any problem, please comment below, I will be back to you.

Thank You!

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  1. excellent even works on ios but a little differently though but it works just make sure you only click the auto paste button (the one below the address that appears when you want to paste something)

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