How to Run Java Apps & Games (J2ME MIDP JAR) on Android Phone & Tablet

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Hi everyone, you will find how to run Java apps (J2ME-MIDP) on Android Devices in this article. We will use Netmite App Runner, JBED, JBlend and phoneME emulator to run Java Apps on Android. All of them might not work for you – depends on your Device and ROM. But I’m sure, one of them will be absolutely working for you, so please keep reading and try these apps out.



  • phoneME for Windows CE/Mobile and Android is an implementation of the phoneME open source J2ME application platform for your Windows Mobile phone or Android handheld device.
  • Each build includes the phoneME VM and a Android frontend wrapper with JNI bindings to the VM.
  • Most powerful, smooth user experience, less crashes.
  • JAD files are also associated with the Foundation Profile-MIDP Android application. Therefore, you can also use your browser to select an online JAD file to download and run the midlet. If you click on a JAD download link, a popup menu will appear and you need to choose the Foundation Profile-MIDP Android application
  • No root access required.

phoneME snap1 - jad associated phoneME snap2 - opera phoneME snap3 wrapper

The Amazing Spiderman Loading Screenshot The Amazing Spiderman Gameplay Screenshot


These builds were made for Android 2.2 (and later). You need about 10MB of free space to store each phoneME virtual machine and Android wrapper application. You need to install the OpenIntents file manager also known as OI file manager which the Android wrapper application uses to select JAR/JAD files.

  • phoneME Feature – CLDC rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – CDC b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Personal Basis Profile b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)   (For resolutions > 240×320)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP FullHD Resolution b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk)   (For resolutions > 1280×720)

The following builds may fix ‘Error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported’ related errors for devices running Android 5.0 (and up)

  • phoneME Advanced – CDC b168 rev20547 (2016-01-14) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile b168 rev20547 (2016-01-14) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP b168 rev20547 (2016-01-14) (apk)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 (2016-01-14) (apk)   (For resolutions > 240×320)
  • phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP FullHD Resolution b168 rev20547 (2016-01-14) (apk)   (For resolutions > 1280×720)



  1. Just install the apk file on your android.
  2. Install OI File Manager to select midlets (jad files) in phoneME.
  3. You need to have both jar and jad file present in the same directory in your phone.
  4. Your jar file should not contain any spaces. If it does, then remove spaces and then create the jad file using JADGen or JADMaker.
  5. Make sure there is no white space in the file path too.
    Correct => SDCARD/javagames/thefile.jad
    Incorrect => SDCARD/java games/the file.jad

Use JADGen to create jad file from a jar file. JADGen is a PC software. Download JADGen from here (password

 Netmite App Runner


  • This is the most popular application to run Java apps and games (J2ME/MIDP – jar/jad) app on Android OS.
  • This application has App Explorer, which helps to find existing Java apps and games on your phone/tablet device.
  • It is integrated with Browser-Browse any j2me site, click to run any jad/jar file.
  • It can auto-convert J2ME into Android package (apk) on the fly.
  • You can immediately port your existing Java apps (jar/jad) to Android WITHOUT source code.

net mite app runner snap1 net mite app runner snap2 net mite app runner snap3


  • Download Current Release 2.0.3
  • Convert your existing Java/J2ME/MIDP (jar/jad) apps/games into apk from here – By Netmite.
  • Download already converted apk apps/games from here – By Netmite.


  • Download and Install the apk.



  • JBED is also a very good Java/J2ME Emulator for Android.
  • It is fast but has some issue like – screen got hazy on landscape mode, unexpected force close.
  • It has built in app explorer.

jbed snap3 jbed snap2 jbed snap1


  • Download JBED version 1.20 for Android 2.1+ (not tested on Ice-cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean).


  1. Copy the JAR files on your sd card root directory
  2. Download file and attached file and unzip it, you get Jbed.apk and
  3. Make sure that you have root access (otherwise you could not get access to system folders).
  4. Install Jbed.apk and push to /system/lib and reboot your phone.
  5. Launch Java app. Press “menu” button and choose “SD Card”. Wait a while and choose jar apps to install.
  6. Now if you want to launch java apps, open Java app first and choose the location where apps is installed.(e.g. SD Card folder at the top), click on the installed java apps and run.



  • JBlend is very Similar to JBED and much better.
  • It’s smooth and never crashes.
  • Support most Java apps / games.

jblend snap1 jblend snap2 jblend snap3



  1. Unpack the archive to your memory card.
  2. Make sure that you have root access (otherwise you could not get access to system folders).
  3. Start the Root Explorer (EStrongs File Explorer does not work).
  4. Start the Root Explorer, select r/w from top right corner and copy files to folders as below – – / system / lib – / system / lib – / system / lib
javax.obex.jar – / system / framework
MetaMidpPlayer.apk – / system / app
MidpPlayer.apk – / system / app

Hope this article helped you. Need further help? Don’t hesitate, just comment below, I’ll be back to you happily 🙂

202 thoughts on “How to Run Java Apps & Games (J2ME MIDP JAR) on Android Phone & Tablet

    1. No, you don’t have to install all apk files.
      All emulators might not work on for your devices.
      Each emulator one has different features.
      You can try different emulators, and decide which one you want to use.

      edit: you didn’t mention but i guess you’re talking about phoneME.
      You don’t have to install all 6 apk, try each – test which one works for you.

  1. They all suck.

    Why not create one emulator as a single file which can open and run jar files directly?

    1. Its upto developers of those emulators. This is not easy as its seems to be.
      Every emulators have some pros and cons. Thats why I mentioned all popular android j2me emulators.
      Choose whatever you like 🙂

      1. i wish if u can just convert the java game to apk .. like the darkest fear : nightmare !! damn i wanna play it again so badly . i used to play it on Nokia N73 long ago . and i still love it .

    1. In my opinion, phoneME is the best. JBED has some crashing issue, j2me app runner seems kinda poor to me and jBlend is not bad – but its not much resposive.

      Install phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP b168 rev20547 (2012-11-09),
      if not working then install phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 (2012-11-09).

    1. Hi,

      First, you need both jar and jad file.. If you don’t have jad file for a jar, then make a jad file using a windows software called JADgen (google it).
      Then move the jad and correspondence jad file to your SD card.
      Then open phoneME (foundation profile-MIDP) and click on “Open” – OI File manager will be opened.
      After that select the jad file from your SD card and press “Run”.

      Note: phoneME might not be able to run some j2me apps. In case, use other emulators.

    1. Yes, of course! 🙂
      Sorry, I did not read carefully.

      JBlend can run only J2ME (jar/jad) app.
      As far as I know, there is no JRE available for Android.
      So, you can’t run Java applets.

    1. Hi thaha,

      All device do not support each and every J2ME emulator app. That’s why I mentioned about four different J2ME emulators. You can try all four and check which one is working better in your device.
      I suggest you to try PhoneME first, – then JBed, JBlend and J2ME app runner (netmite).

  2. Hi Arpan,

    What’s the best emulator for Samsung Tab 2? It says that it already has a Java MIDP emulator, but some apps require to install Java. And I don’t know what’s the appropriate java to download. Pls help me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Daeinz,

      Please mention which Samsung Galxy Tab 2 model you have from here.

      BTW, If it already has a Java MIDP emulator app installed, then find it out from your app drawer.
      There is no need to install java on Android as these emulators mentioned here are all standalone.

      I suggest you PhoneME. Read the last part of this post for PhoneME installation guide.

      1. Hello, is there Java already on the newly released Asus 701t Transformer Tablet, or do you know if Yahoo games/euchre can be played?

        1. Hi Heather,
          If you’re talking about J2ME emulators, I don’t think there is any JAVA Emulator pre-installed on the Asus Transformer Tablet.
          About Yahoo games, I actually haven’t played any of them. If yahoo games are web browser based, then yes – you can play them on that awesome tab 😀

          1. I still cannot access Yahoo games from my Asus tablet. Would you be so kind as to send me an email with step by step instructions? I find this frustrating! LOL TIA

          2. Ok, I cannot download flashplayer because there’s not the proper link for my OS…android…only for Windows, Linux and Mac.

          3. Hello again, I’ve downloaded Flashplayer and the app for Yahoo games. I click ‘install’, and my screen goes black. Any suggestions?

          4. I have flashplayer 11.1.115 installed. I get right up to the yahoo games, put in the confirmation code, then I get ‘this plug-in is not supported.’ Remember, my device is an Asus Transformer TF701T tablet, NOT a phone.

          5. Do you have set any other browser than the default one as default browser? If yes, clear default.
            I just tried Heather 3d talking avatar app and its working fine in mt default android browser. In chrome, its not working.

  3. I tried J Blend but it seems it doesn’t work for 240 x 400 resolution jar…
    Is it normal or is there something wrong with my phone ?
    My phone is Samsung Galaxy Young GT – S 5360 with modified OS…

    1. Hi Neto,
      Resolution of your device is 320×240 pixels. Even emulator runs the jar for you, it’ll cut off from screen.
      Btw, I suggest you to try phoneME. Maybe particularly that jar is unsupported by JBlend.

    1. Hi naresh,

      Try PhoneMe first, then rest of them, one by one and find out which one works best for your device 🙂

      I have a galaxy 5 (corby i5503 – similar to s5300) and PhoneMe works fine. JBed works fine in landscape mode (has some problem in portrait mode). I found netmite’s j2me app runner kinda odd and JBlend also works fine, but it looses some frames and responds little bit slower.

  4. Hey Arpan, great article, thanks! I just wanted to know if any of these options are available on the Play store as a download. I mean most emulators are available directly on the Play store but none of these seem to have that.

    1. Hi himanshu,
      Yes, there is another option available, that can convert a JAR file directly to APK from your computer. There is some fallback, you will get errors on many midlets after install the app on your android device. If want to try, here it is –
      The procedure might be complex for you. I’ll rewrite it simple as possible and post it here. If you want an emulator, try phoneME, it’s best…

  5. hi!!
    I want to install my life in new york game on my samsung galaxy s7562 model android version 4.0.4. Kindly help ..i installed java runner J2ME but it says j2me has stopped.

    1. Hi zoee,

      Please try PhoneME. Download link is given on the post. Follow the instructions as given.

      Note: Your jar file should not contain any spaces. If it does, then remove spaces and then create the jad file using JADGen or JADMaker.

      I tried 480×800 version of the game with phoneME, and its running fine.

    1. Hi Suren,
      I strongly suggest you to try PhoneME first. Its best J2ME emulator for android platform.

      By the way, do you have rooted phone? You need to copy listed corresponding files to your system/app, system/lib, system/framework directory to make jblend working. Installation procedure is given in the post.
      To uninstall a jar file from jblend, just tap and hold the app you want to remove and tap on ‘Delete application’.
      For jbed, download link is provided in the post. file will be within the downloaded zip file.

    1. Hi rommar,
      To setup phoneME, please read the first part of this article.
      Fitting to screen size depends on the app (jar) you’re running.
      Which j2me app you’re gonna run?

    1. Hi Shiva,right?
      Youre using phoneME, right?
      Then place the jar and jad file in same directory.
      Then locate the jad file via OI File manager.
      Your jar and jad file must not contain ant spaces. If it does, then rename and remove spaces from the jar and regenerate the jad using JADGen.

        1. Sorry man,
          We need the Java VM to run a jar(not j2me midlets) file whereas Android uses the Dalvik VM.
          And I heard some legal issue regarding this. So, we cant (for now)…
          As soon as I get any solution, I’ll post that here.

          1. May I know which JAR app you’re trying to run?
            and screen size does not matter, but resolution is what you should check.
            which device you’re using?

    1. No, I mean which particular tablet model you’re using. For example – galaxy tab II, nexus 7, Transformer Pad etc.
      There are different versions of phoneMe available for different devices. You need to install the correct one to get it working.

        1. Hold Shift and Right Click on the JAR file -> click on Copy as path -> paste it to JADGen -> remove the quotes (“) from beginning and end -> press the Generate JAD button.

    1. Do you have both jar and jad file in same directory?
      Do you have any blank space in the jar/jad file name?
      Are you selecting the jad file from OI File Manager?
      Which error you are getting?

  6. Which version of phoneme is best for my lenovo a1000 tablet? I tried the full HD it run simple apps but no game ran.. Also where to get jad I find jad everywhere

    1. Hi,
      Actually it depends on the JAR file. You got a 1080p display and thats good, but bad for running JAR apps.
      Most of bigger JAR apps are optimized for max resolution of 480×800 pixels.
      Sorry, but phoneme can’t maximize it.
      Did you tried other emulators except phoneme?

  7. thanks mate for reply…yah i tried jbed but doesn’t work cause it gives me force close upon startup immediately..maybe cause am on kitkat 4.4.2…and netmite app runner works fine but if only i converted the jar file to apk..except that it can’t detect the jar or jad file and gives me force close too
    as for jblend that’s the weird problem…i do everything..moved all the files according to appropriate locations…and even moved the 2 files to system apps but it didn show up even after reboot so i installed them normally as any other apk file…and it installed …one of them installed normally and can be opened and the other is installed but can’t give me option so i ignored it..i opened the one that can be opened manually but all it gives me “0 java applications found” and nothing more..just black screen underneath it and no more options…no scan the sd card option “as shown from ur screenshots”
    so the only working is netmite but with only apk’s…also the controls using netmite are really bad dunno how to use i just have to swipe left or right to move and so on i hope u can help me

    1. Hello Anoop,
      1. Check phone’s volume first
      2. Check volume settings within the game
      3. Try different version of phoneME as mentioned
      4. Try different game and be sure it’s not the problem of the JAR Game
      Try and reply.

  8. Unfortunately doesnt work for me…tried version of phone me and tested god of war betrayal and nowhere and both give me either jar wrong size error or just start game then go back to main menu of phone me
    …also virtual keypad doesnt work with phoneme so i dunno how can i play

  9. Yah sure my friend…u want download links?? Or just the names
    They are called
    God of war betrayal
    Silent hill orphan

        1. Hello,
          The size error is caused by bad JAD file. Use JADGen to regenerate the JAD files and try with the new JADs.
          Make sure that the JAR file doesn’t contain any white space in file name. Then generate the JAD files using JADGen.
          Make sure there is no white space in the file path too.
          Correct => SDCARD/javagames/thefile.jad
          Incorrect => SDCARD/java games/the file.jad

          I tried your games,
          nowhere is not opening, other two are opening properly though need to zoom in.
          God of was doesn’t support touch facility. So, find games with touch support.
          BTW, did you succeed to zoom in?

          1. Yah zoom in works fine here
            Btw did u try silent hill orphan and started new game?? Cause it gives me contents missing error while starting new game
            Also from where do u download java games?? Cause i need good download site

    1. I’m stuck on a screen as its Russian version – I get nothing.
      Actually I don’t play Java Games.
      To use JADgen, Hold Shift and Right-Click on the JAR file, Click on Copy as path > paste it on JADGen > remove quotes from beginning and end > press Generate JAD button.

  10. Ok thanks mate for reply..actually i managed to makw them work but the problem is i cant go to new game as game doesnt support touch screen…dunno how to play it
    I downloaded few onscreen gamepads but i cant tick on continue button on silent hill at the beginning…cant map a button that indicates this button

  11. yup mate tried it…but the problem is as i told ya when u play silent hill there’s right soft key which says “continue” without that button u can’t continue to main game..u are just stuck at the window with sound and vibration options with on or off…so my whole problem if u just can find nice virtual pad that can map this right soft key button

      1. i have run out of ideas mate…i think phone me is the best but the problem is that it only supports touch java games and not old and normal java games..if only it supports normal non touch java games i would stick with it

  12. can u give me link please?
    if u mean the one posted at 16th april I tried it but no difference it doesn’t support non touch java games
    if there’s newer one please give me link

  13. Thx a lot.. That’s work well in my Xperia m, but its so hard to play using qwerty keyboard, and the screen of java games that i’ve played are not fit

  14. Hi I installed phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP FullHD Resolution b168 rev20547 on my moto g and created a jad file with jadmaker and installed OI File Manager. But it doesn’t work. Can you maybe test the program I want to install when I send you both the jad and jar file?

  15. Man, THANK YOU! Great article. I tried a few, but you share others I didn’t knew about. Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.

  16. Hi, this is a good list of Java ME emulator for android but for some reason all of them just dont work on any of my android. I think its mostly because its not compatible with Jellybean and above.. Are your android ,Jellybean?

  17. Hi… already used jbed, jblend,netmite…and when i open this apps my phone says unfortunately this apps stoped……my is micromax canvas 2 colors…. how can play java games in my phone plz give me the solution….. and phone android version is jellibean…..plz mail me…[email protected]

  18. how to use default proxy rules in phone me please help . I f I add proxy in my apn settings all apps working trough that proxy but phoneme is not using that proxy.

  19. hi there . thanks for sharing this . i tried them allll… many closes immediately . as in had to stop. many says can’t find or run agrs files .. java me worked and the game is in the list now but when i run it it just go black and back to the app. phone me i don’t know which version. it worked with only one game ( which fortunately was my favorite ) but at certain point it crashes and it’s force cosed. at the exact point every time . my phone is xperia L. can u convert the game to apk fir me? it’s ( high school hook ups ) .. thank u anyway.. xoxo

  20. hi

    i downloaded some stories from wattpad

    i just wanna ask if there’s any app available so those stories i’ve

    downloaded will open in my android phone or tablet..

  21. Thanks For this usually i dont write or comment other than google play store but tgis helps much better thanks for this article and its appreciated and also thanks again

  22. hi everyone.good.very funny.please can you help me by posting a link to download CHARLIE TWO.apk its an very old game . i want to emulate it on netmite app runner.Thanks to all

  23. Mr. Arpan once i hv installed Netmite App Runner on my phone…Its explorer runs bt java midlet stopped working… Nd also i hv installed d converted apk game nd started to run it bt it also says starting midlet nd thenafter its comes back to d home screen… Plzzzz tell me any solution…. Nd which emulator will b d best and appropriate for my xolo one phone… Android 5.0…

  24. Sir, i’ve tried all versions of phoneMe but all of them are always saying could not create JVM, the jar files are: Albite Reader 2.2. Albite 2.2. No Touch and Albite Reader 2.2 HD What do i do?

  25. which emulator is compatible with android jellybean, i am currently using karbonn s1 titanium, tried jbed it crashes

  26. I want to run my java phone apps like uc browser , bombus mod on my new android phone my android version is lollipope pls suģest me how can i run them on my new phone which emulatorvis suitable for my cell

  27. hello guys, do you like java game but not play non touch java game. play non touch java game on Android simple use gamepad apk but this app must be root required.

  28. Sir i m using phoneme to run my j2me app but every time same error that no class name or path not specified so sir how can remove this error and run my aap

  29. Hi,
    How are you.On my laptop Aspere 7736Z-4448 I’ve installed windows 10.
    I used to play bridge on on my previous Windows 7.

    Chrome has blocked Java as a plugin and doesn’t allow any other plugins like
    Edge,fierfox,etc. My question: is there another way to make
    work again.

    Your help appreciated. Jack.

  30. Hi there!

    Before I start trying out all these I want to ask something first:

    I use a java-program for vocab-learning. Now I got a YOGA Tablet for Android and my vocab-program is not runnig on Android. So my question: Is it possible with one of your applets to run this java program? As far as I know it’s a jar.file.

    Or do you know kind of emulator to run java on Android??

    Thanks for helping!

  31. THANKS for this beautiful post.
    I tried all of the above mentioned emulators in my k3 note(not rooted) and found that PHONEME MIDP EMU.. is the best(as other crashed with launch) but it’s only best for touch j2me games and apps. IS THERE ANY OTHER VERSION OF PHONEME AVAILABLE FOR NON-TOUCH J2ME APPLICATIONS?

  32. Friends you van resize any j2me games to your screen resolution using “j2me application screen resizer “.only you have to put your screen resolution and press start by going to the respective jar file you want to resize. then you can get that file in “encode” folder where your jar file is.You can download it from(English version) or or google it.

  33. is their is any version or app to run non touch or keypad java apps or games in lenovo a7000 a without rooting my mobile

  34. I downloaded phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution b168 rev20547 (2015-01-07) (apk) (For resolutions > 240×320). Then i download the game “pop supestar road to celebrity” which is 240×320. Then i run it n it works. But unfortunately the screen of the game is too small. It is even less than 1/4 of my phone screen. What is the problem? Is it because the size is 240×320? But i couldnt find 720×1280 for that game. Btw my android ver is 4.3 jelly bean. Please help me. Looking forward to ur reply soon.

  35. I have problem with phoneme my mobile is Micromax bolt q338 there are problem with screen size some games screen is to small to handle

  36. Which phoneME version is best for Samsung galaxy core 2……Android kitkat

    I have try both 240×320 and 1240×720 version both run but when i play game it works for 10 seconds and then game crash……¿¿¿

  37. hey buddy, can you solve my problem???? i was tried netmite app on my asus zenfone 2(lollipop) and it’s working. sure i can play my java’s game but i can’t access the system menu!

  38. Hello, thank you so much for this article.
    So I was installing phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP b168 rev20547 on my Asus Fonepad with android ver. 4.1.2 but when I run a java app it only shows blank screen for a few seconds, and then back to the phoneMe main menu. I tried playing games 5ud0ku from the davy web but it still shows the same problem. Can you solve it? Thank you

  39. Everything is ok but the most important thing that is keypad is missing. It is impossible to play most of the Java games with the touch function.

  40. dude I have the 2 app the j2me and the jbed .after I have extract the zip fill. And install the java app in the fill. If I open it says unfortunately java stoped help me . and for the j2me also known as foundation personal profile app I have a jade fill it always says jar fill. Missing even when I have a jar filled or it would work put womb pass a certain place like if you are to select sound I would tap yes but. Won’t work I use keypad I press 5 the same help pls gmail me pls at [email protected] pls help me

  41. Hi! 🙂 PhoneME seems to be working for me, but I can’t control my JAVA games with a normal Android keyboard. So it loads the game fine, but there’s no way I can navigate in the menu, or select anything. Any tips?

  42. Hello Mr. Arpan Das
    1st of all, i bet that you did a great work with the lists above.
    Now i tried to make Floreant POS work with a few emulators from phone me. I also installed the OL manager, but it doesn’t work. Is it possible that floreant can’t be run with an emulator or is there another issue which you might know of? My phone is an Galaxy s6 edge, so the hardware should be far enough to run these little programs.
    Big thanks for informations

  43. I only used Java J2ME Runner to run Java application (propaintmobile) it was just like I am using Java phone.

    This app is really amazing, am thinking of testing the game soonest on contra 4.

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