How to – Setting Proxy on Android Phone / Tablet Device

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Hi folks. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to setting proxy on Android phone / tablet to get connected to the Internet. When it comes to term of cheap mobile internet connection, many network operators serves their customer Internet via proxy server and it might not support all protocols like FTP, SMTP, etc. You maybe want to use proxy to hide yourself – to be anonymous while surfing on the web.

The problem of using Proxy on Android

In the earlier versions of Android OS like Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread there is no global proxy support enabled. Yes you can put proxy in Network Connections > APN Settings but other apps except than default browser won’t get through the proxy. In this case, I suggest you to keep reading this article. I cannot say about Ice Cream Sandwich or Honeycomb as I did not checked them. In Jelly Bean, it supports proxy globally from Network Settings. In upcoming versions of Android, I guess there will be global proxy support enabled already.

We will use global proxy apps like Proxy Settings, ProxyDroid, ASProxy, GAE Proxy to to enable proxy support on your phone / tablet.

ProxyDroid (FREE App – Recommended)



ProxyDroid Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-23-35 ProxyDroid Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-24-28 ProxyDroid Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-24-05


  • This is the most reliable and powerful Application to support/enable Global Proxy on Android available on the Google Play Store / Android Market
  • Support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Support BASIC, NLTM, NLTMv2 authentication methods
  • Global and Individual Proxy Mode for only one or several apps
  • Multiple profiles support
  • Bind configuration to WIFI’s SSID / Mobile Network (2G / 3G)
  • Widgets for quickly switching on/off proxy
  • Low battery and memory consumption (written in C and compiled as native binary)
  • Bypass custom IP address
  • DNS proxy for guys behind the firewall that disallows to resolve external addresses
  • PAC file support (only basic support, thanks to Rhino)


  1. You need to ROOT your android device first. Ignore if you already have.
  2. Install latest version of Busybox. Ignore if you already have.


Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Download and Install the app.
  2. Open ProxyDroid and put proxy server address on Host field, and port on Port field
  3. Set you Proxy Type
  4. Check the Global Proxy option
  5. Turn on Proxy Switch and it will be connected

ASProxy (Paid App)



ASProxy Screenshot 1 ASProxy Screenshot 6 ASProxy Screenshot 5  ASProxy Screenshot 3 ASProxy Screenshot 2 ASProxy Screenshot 7


  • ASProxy is an Android app for enabling proxy support for all apps (including browser, market, maps, Google Talk and Google Voice)
  • Support various networks like Wi-Fi, 3G/4G APN, Ethernet
  • Reverse tethering through USB


  1. You need to root ROOT your android device first. Ignore if you already have.


Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Download and Install the app.
  2. Open ASProxy and go to Proxies tab.
  3. Tap on New Proxy button from below
  4. Set Connection Type, Proxy Type, Put proxy server address on Proxy Host field, and port on Proxy Port field and fill other info
  5. Press Save and go to Status tab
  6. Tap on the big Red button and get connected

Proxy Settings (FREE App)

Proxy Settings


Proxy Settings & ProxyDroidScreenshot_2013-03-01-20-22-44 Proxy Settings Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-22-04


  • This is a simple Proxy app in alternative of the default Android proxy
  • This app rewrites the default proxy on Android and nothing extra
  • No root access required


Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Download and Install the app.
  2. Open Proxy Settings and put proxy server address on Proxy hostname field, and port on Proxy port field
  3. Press Done and boom.
  4. If you want to restore the default proxy and port value of System Settings, just press Restore default button

GAE Proxy (FREE App)

GAE Proxy


GAE Proxy Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-25-39 GAE Proxy Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-25-52GAE Proxy Screenshot_2013-03-01-20-26-04


  • This is very similar to ProxyDroid even from same Developer Max Lv
  • GAE Proxy is a GAppProxy / WallProxy / GoAgent client for Android


  1. You need to ROOT your android device first. Ignore if you already have.
  2. Update your server to the latest goagent (2.1.9).


Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Download and Install the app.
  2. Fill in your appspot to address, form:
  3. Check the open service, and browse the Internet.

Do you have any problem to use proxy on Android? Just comment below, I’ll be back to you 🙂

83 thoughts on “How to – Setting Proxy on Android Phone / Tablet Device

  1. I download and install Proxydroid and also i have username and pass(from a proxy server that i use it on my computer) but i can’t connect to the Internet.Whyyyyyyyy????

    1. Hi Milad,

      1. Make sure your device is rooted already.
      2. Make sure you’ve selected correct proxy type (HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5). If you’re not sure about it, please check with different proxy types.
      3. Make sure you’ve checked Global proxy and DNS proxy options.

      If its still not working, let me know…

      1. i’ve installed proxy droid on my lenovo S920, browser+whatsapp run well, but bbm+hangout+playstore+email are not running. Can u help to solved my problem? thx

      2. Hi i have same problem my proxydroid dont work with ff.actually.i cant access internet in samsung coreprime.
        i need hellp pls

  2. Why does YouTube video get bypassed if a proxy is being used? The device fetches the video directly from YouTube. All other content (e.g. Ads, images) are getting routed through the network proxy. I am using Proxy Settings app on Android rooted device. How do I ensure that the video played back on Android gets routed through a network proxy (e.g. Apache http proxy)?

  3. I download ed the gae proxy and my phone is rooted but still unable to browse i am also using the mtn bis plan so what is wrong with my settings i reaaly need your help

    1. Hi Adex,

      1. Which version of GAE Proxy you’re using?
      2. Which device you’re using? Which ROM?
      3. Did you changed any settings in GAE Proxy? (Just after install it)

      For confirmation, I installed gaeproxy-0.21.7.apk > Enabled Proxy Switch and the default proxy is working just fine.
      As it says, default proxy will has quota of 10GB.

  4. i have droid proxy, I am using open wifi proxy host is: port:8080, but i am unable to configure it, please help. Am using Tecno P3, with root access

    1. Hi Janet M,
      At first, double check and make sure that the proxy is working fine. To check, set the proxy and port in Proxy settings app and open to check your ip get changed or not.
      Then, tell me its droid proxy or proxy droid? these two are different app…

  5. i Have xperia neo v It is rooted I have installed wap plan How to make apps to work on wap Plz seggest me somthing

    Loop Wap settings are
    Operator : LOOP mobile
    APN (wap): mizone
    Access Numbe: *99#
    Username: [your mobile number]
    Password : mmsc
    Password prompt: no
    Authentication Type: normal
    Proxy: enable
    Proxy Address:
    port: 9401
    Data Bearer: GPRS
    Connection security:off
    session mode:Temp

    1. Hi Kamlesh,

      Please follow step-by-step shown as below:

      1. At first, Install ProxyDroid and open it
      2. In the Host field, put
      3. In the Port field, put 9401
      4. Set Proxy Type to HTTP
      5. Select Bound Network to 2G/3G
      6. Check the Global Proxy Option
      7. Keep rest of settings default/unchanged
      8. Now, enable Proxy Switch at the top

      Note: If Proxy Type HTTP is not working, then try HTTPS.
      Please comment, if not working.

        1. Hi Alger,
          1. Which app are you using?
          2. What steps are you taking?
          3. Does your network has a proxy?
          4. If you use a external proxy, is it working on PC?
          Please answer the questions above, so that I could help you.

          1. Hi Arpan and thank you for answering my question 

            I use ProxyDroid it connects but I do not have access to the internet !
            I tried your method (http and https), but without success

            No I do not use any proxy. Only I try to connect with the common access point (WAP) that is under 2G and 3G, 3G, 3G+ +

            Please find me a useful solution because I really need.
            I live in the countryside and there is no way to connect comfortably apart from the mobile connection which costs very very expensive (there is no ADSL or Wi recess)

            I eagerly await your response

          2. (proxy:port) is for Loop mobile with mizone apn only.
            Are you using Loop mobile? It will not work if you’re not using Loop mobile with same data plan as Kamlesh’s.

            1. Confirm and post your apn settings here (Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names).
            2. Do you have internet access in your default android browser?
            3. What you’re trying to achieve actually?

      1. I’m trying to get my Zync Z930 Android JB 4.1.1 tablet to read my data card through the OTG F A usb which it is not doing. Tried everything. The device is not detected through the OTG USB (even flash/pen drives are not detected). When the tablet is connected to the computer, the USB gets activated. The Host port detects devices but returns “corrupted usb” when mobile internet data card is connected/inserted. Any solution?

  6. i have xolo a500s jellybean 4.2.2 rooted via framroot app.
    when i am putting proxy in default apn or proxy droid works only in default web browser.
    i followed step by step provided by you asked by kamlesh.
    my phone draining my 3g data.
    plz provide me some instructions or app.

    1. Hi kunal,

      At first to stop draining data anonymously, install DroidWall and configure it to limit internet access to your choice of apps.
      (Download DroidWall from Play Store or here)

      Then double check root access using Root Checker app. Your phone must be rooted and should have BusyBox installed.

      Then follow the steps I given to Kamlesh before.

      Make sure the Global Proxy Option is checked in ProxyDroid.

      I hope it’ll work.

      By the way, which operator do you use for internet and with which plan?

  7. i am using proxy setting in opera handler in android phone so i am able to suff free internet on 0 balance. is it possible to sirf the internet by those proxy in whole apps ? without having any internet plan?

    1. Hi imran khan,

      Sorry, generally – you cannot.
      Opera mini has a built-in proxy to pass all your traffic.
      It requests a particular server where other regular apps do not.
      You need opera mini similar app to do that 🙂

    1. Hi sherin,
      1. make sure your apn is working correctly.
      2. disconnect and reconnect.
      3. re-check Proxy Droid settings.
      4. check if there is any firewall installed.

      1. hi ,
        im using proxydroid to route traffic through a system on my wlan to capture the traffic through burpsuite in order to test an application.internet explorer works fine but the application and play store show a connection error and dont connect.pls help.i setup global proxy ,also tried https still no luck

        1. Hi dame,
          1. First of all check your network is properly shared to your android device or not? You can use ping command in the Terminal Emulator app to check.
          2. Then put the proxy:port to android system settings (settings -> networks -> wifi settings -> advanced -> proxy) and check if you can access your network from android browser.
          3. if all goes well, try again with Proxy Droid.

  8. Hello mate.
    I have a really nasty issue.I have installed droid proxy only beacuse I wanted to install youtube unlocker.After 10-15 minutes I uninstalled both of them and I can not use the mobile network or the wi-fi anymore.
    Please tell me how can I remove all that c**p from my sgs4 and make it „work„ again without the droid proxy.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Reinstall Droid Proxy, reset it’s settings and check if its working or not.
      If working, uninstall Droid Proxy and recheck.
      Also verify the internet connection by putting your SIM in a different device.
      Don’t forget to reply here. 🙂

      1. i’m impressed by all the problems you solved sir, just wanna ask some help sir, from the philippines, how to have ineternet access without wifimor internet connection. i have samsung gal. tab. GTP3100 16gb. hope u can help me. tnx.

    1. Hi sharon,
      I can suggest you to try Opera MAX to reduce data.
      You can also use Opera Mini and Opera Mobile with turbo mode on to minimize your data usage legally.

  9. Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I’m trying to connect my phone to my works internet, the information they give is as follows: –

    Host (in a text/.com format), Port number, Username and Password.

    I have tried these instructions for setting up proxydroid but it doesn’t work, I know the proxy is good as I have used sandroproxy app to connect and it works for some apps but I want to try proxydroid now. Please can anyone help?

    1. Hi Dave,
      Please try with different proxy types.
      Did you CHECKED the Global Proxy option?
      Also try with numerical version of the proxy (open cmd > ping > get the ip).

      1. Ok, tried with different proxies, checked the global proxy option and used the numerical version of the proxy and still no luck.

        I have tried setting it up with the following settings in proxydroid: –

        Port: 80
        Proxy Type: HTTP (Also tried all others)
        Enable Autherntication TICKED
        User: My username
        Password: My password
        Global Proxy: TICKED

        Everything else is as default when installed. I know my phone can get the internet through this proxy as I have had it working with Sandroproxy but it doesn’t work all the time and I’m told proxydroid is better. For Sandroproxy I had to put ‘localhost’ and ‘8008’ in the phones wifi settings (wifi>connected network>Modify network config).Do I need to do something similar for proxydroid?

        Also Sandro proxy requires me to put ‘realm\’ infront of the username, is this the same for proxydroid? I have tried this anyway and doesn’t seem to make a difference.

        Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks

          1. Sorry what do you mean by source of my network? Basically it is my works network, but to connect to the internet I have to put in proxy settings that work give me. For example on my PC, I put in the host, port, username and password into Internet Explorer to get onto the internet. If I want to use Firefox aswell I then put the same info into that.

            That’s the best I can explain it. Does that help or not?


            P.S. I did this as new post but couldn’t seem to delete it, so sorry for the duplicate message.

          2. I mean Wi-Fi, 3G or USB. Thanks, I got it now.
            What is your device model? with which ROM? Which version of Proxy Droid you’re using?
            Did you tried different version of Proxy Droid? Try with older versions…
            If you have a different android device, then try the same with that.

  10. It’s Wi-Fi. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), running Android 4.3, Samsung stock ROM and Proxydroid 2.7.0.

    Ok, I will try older versions. In the mean time if you have any other ideas, please let me know.

    Many thanks,

  11. i have installed ProxyDroid on my galaxy S duos which is rooted, but ProxyDroid is still not working….i think there is some issue related to iptables beacause the app says it needs IPTABLES support….can you give me any information on iptables, or how to install them ? Also, i do not know if my kernel supports NAT/iptables….is there a way to know that too ??
    Kindly reply as i really need this….

    1. Hi Pike,
      IPtable is linux stuff and android is linux, so you already have it. To modify it, you need root access which you already have. Can you show my the exact screenshot of the error you’re getting?

  12. How do you get to play online games, e.g clash of clans, with the proxy? I have proxydroid and everything works good except for online games…any help?

          1. well im at university and this university uses proxy on its internet so it requires username and password and proxydroid has been the only solution I have found so far…so I dont know of any other apps to try.

          2. OK, write me the settings you’ve configured in ProxyDroid.
            BTW, Do you have root access in your device?
            You’ve an another option, use OpenVPN instead.

  13. I am using proxy droid , but it’s not working.. my
    proxy hostname-
    Port- 3128
    Bypass proxy for-
    Ip address-
    Prefix length- 24
    Dns 1-
    Dns 2-

    User – edcguest
    Password– edcguest

    Can u tell me how to configure proxydroid settings to get global proxy..?

  14. Hello sir arpan, just want to ask if you can help us out….thanks in advanced.

    We have proxy connection onboard, for loptop skype can connect and working good, but in mobile phones and tablet users, skype cannot connect,? And also our favorite online games, like clash of clans, and clash of lords2 and boom beach and all other application, its just not loading,but were connected with the proxy…

    We can connect to surf the allowed sites…but the only we need to know how our application work?

    Is the solution to root the phone/tablet? And apply proxy droid? Is the surely works?

    It can save us a lot of money to stop calling satelite calls to our families.

    Please help us out, how to connect our skype and all other application.


  15. Hi Arpan
    please help me…….I need it hard..
    I use proxyDroid but i cant access to internet
    I have huawei g525 and my phone is rooted.
    I have the IP(hots) and port of server and also have username and password and check the global proxy but i cant access to internet…please help me..PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!

  16. Hi friend,
    I use proxydroid on a Xiaomi mipad.
    It’s rooted and I use almost all apps.
    But I have problem with supercell games(boom beach and clash of clans)(apk file, not browser game). They don’t start, they close themtelf saying “no connection”

    What can I do?
    Thanks a lot

  17. Using android 2.3 with an older phone. What’s the best way to get a blocked app that works only in the US to work elsewhere.
    If I am using proxydroid and find a proxy like how would I know which settings to enter like port, type of proxy, etc.

  18. also I tried with GAE but the application starts, gives the warning about high data usage then stops. I am using rooted cyanogenmod older version 2.6

  19. Hi I am in china at the moment and need to browse the internet for work but I have been blocked out due to the censorship online. Please help me connect my proxy server using proxydroid. Thanks!

  20. Hi,

    I would like to use proxy on my android TV box on LAN, is there any app which work with LAN setting. Currently no any app is working.

  21. Actually in my experience putting the proxy IP in the APN configuration will put all the connections through it – that’s how I used to use the AdBlock Plus proxy application before almost all Android browser I like started coming with adblocker built in them.

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