How to Root Android Phone / Tablet Device Tutorial

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How to Root Android Mobile / Tablet Device - Tutorial

What is Root and How to Root Android Devices?

The process to get administrative user privileges on a android phone or tablet device is called root Android. Android phones and tablets generally comes locked with only standard user access. In this tutorial, we are going to cover how to root android mobile or tablet device.

Disclaimer: Rooting may void warranty of Android device. Try this guide at your own risk. Neither I, nor developers will be held responsible for any kind of damage to your android device by following this guide.

What is Super User or SU?

Super User is a user in a operating system with administrative privileges. A super user is also known as Power User or Administrator. Android is a Linux based operating system. Super user means the same here. A super user can read, write or delete system files, has low level access to hardwares.

What is Android Rooting?

Rooting enables all the user-installed applications to run administrative privileged commands that are typically unavailable to the devices in their stock configuration. Rooting is required for more advanced and potentially dangerous operations including modifying or deleting system files, removing carrier- or manufacturer-installed applications, and low-level access to the hardware itself. A typical rooting installation also installs the Superuser application, which supervises applications that are granted root or superuser rights. – wikipedia

What is Unroot?

Unrooting an Android device is totally opposite and reverse process of rooting. If have rooted your Android device, have some problem with it and need to visit manufacturer service center, then should unroot your device first. It keeps the warranty. Unrooting option should be available on the application where you rooted it first. So, you can always unroot your device when needed.

How to Root Android Device?

There are many software available to root Android devices. Some of them maybe working and some not. You can root android devices using following softwares. Be careful, you are taking some risk with your Android phone / tablet.

Root Master / A Root/ V Root

Root Master is the newest, latest rooting tool for android and it is available for PC. Root Master claims to be have highest supported models up to the highest success rate of ROOT tools. It integrates a variety of ROOT engine, multi-platform support, and constantly studying new technologies ROOT more models.

  1. Install Android USB Drivers
  2. Install Root Master
  3. Make Sure USB Debugging os Enabled on your Android
  4. Plug your device into PC via USB cable
  5. Open Root Master, It’ll initialize your device
  6. Click on the root button from the bottom
  7. Wait for a minute and its done!

Download Root Master / A Root/ V Root

Download vroot English version:

Root Master  A Root V Root snap

Universal Androot

Universal Androot is a Android rooting application (apk package) so you dont even need a PC to root android device.

  1. Download and install Universal Androot from the link below and run the application.
  2. Select your Android version and press the Root 🙂 button.
  3. If you want to unroot, just press Unroot 🙁 button.
  4. After you got superuser / root access, it not needed anymore to keep root acess. So, you can keep or remove it – its up yo you.

Download Universal Androot

Universal androot screenshot


GingerBreak is also a Android rooting application (apk package). But it is basically created for GingerBread (Android version 2.3).

  1. Download and install GingerBreak from the link below and Run the application.
  2. You must have USB debugging enabled on your device.
  3. You need to have an SD card (formatted) inserted in your device.
  4. Press Root device to root your device, and press UnRoot device to unroot.
  5. After press Root device, wait for few minutes.
  6. Device will reboot and it takes about 10 minutes to wipe cache.
  7. After you got superuser / root access, it not needed anymore to keep root acess. So, you can keep or remove it – its up yo you.

Download GingerBreak

gingerbreak screenshot


z4root is a another alternative Android application for rooting your phone / tablet device.

  1. Download and install z4root from links below and Run the application.
  2. Press Root button to root your device.
  3. Press Un-root button to unroot your device.
  4. You can also Re-root if your root is malfunctioning.
  5. x4root does not work for NAND locked devices, such as HTC Desire or Evo.

Download z4apk

z4root screenshot


SuperOneClick promises to root any Android smartphone or tablet device available on the planet. SuperOneClick is available for Windows PC.

  1. Turn On USB Debugging mode in your Android device.
  2. Make sure you already have Android USB Drivers installed on your Windows.
  3. Download and extract / install SuperOneClick from the link below and Run as administrator.
  4. Now, connect your phone / tablet via data cable and press Root button from the top-left.
  5. You can also Unroot your android device by pressing the Unroot button.

Download SuperOneClick

SuperOneClick android rooter application screenshot


  • Rooting applications on Android platform that are mentioned in this article, are Non-Market app. It means you will not find then in Android market or Google play Store. So, to install these apps, you need to make sure you have checked / enabled “Installed non-market app” / Install app from unknown source” from Android security settings.
  • If any of these apps are not working for you, then please try again with different version of the application.

If you have any problem with root android device, please comment below, I will be back to you.

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “How to Root Android Phone / Tablet Device Tutorial

    1. Hi Mohd,
      Yes, there is a english version of vroot available.
      Download vroot English version from here.
      By the way, on the chines version, Open vroot > connect your device > press the green button on the bottom right of vroot window.

  1. Ho scaricato vroot nella versione in inglese,e mi a aperto le root nel mio sony xperia j,
    Ho controllato con root checker e mi conferma l’apertura delle root.
    Adesso volevo passare tutto su superuser in italiano sia lo stemma con l’igranaggio che l’altra app in cinese che non capisco cosa sia.
    Quando entro in superuser in binary v 11 e faccio per aggiornare, mi da che l’aggiornamento non riesce e che la app si è bloccata in maniera anomala.
    Cosa devo fare?
    Ce un’altro sistema per attivare superuser o un’altra app?
    Tieni presente che non sono un asso in queste cose ma ci sto provando perchè ho poca memoria nel cell.

    Ti ringrazio


  2. I was unable to root my galaxy grand from any of the above …apps literally I have tried every solutions from many sites but I didnt found any solution yet ?

  3. sir , I want to root my samsung i9060i.
    i tried every mentioned in all the sites . I have tried apps like kingroot,kongoroot,vroot,iroot and 10 more.
    no app can root my phone. please provide me a solution. I have not tried by the pc because i dont have pc sir.

  4. For all the rooting tool that i encountered their is only one root that satisfy me most. And that is search4roots it gives my tablet and phone in good running condition.

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