How to Open OBML Files in Windows PC – Tutorial

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In this tutorial, you will know – How to open OBML files in Windows PC. OBML stands for Opera Bianary Markup Language. If you save a webpage from Opera Mini, you will get the saved file with .obml extension. You can not open these files in regular desktop version of Opera web browser or in other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

How to Open OBML Files in Windows PC - Tutorial

How OBML works

When a web browser rendering using OBML requests a web page from a server, the following events occurs –

  1. The web page request is sent to a large, power server farm (like
  2. This server farm retrieves the requested web page, and converts it into OBML format.
  3. The OBML version of the page is sent to the browsing device, and displayed in the browser that originally made the request (Opera Mini).

Open OBML on PC

To open OBML file in PC, you need to install J2ME emulator with Opera Mini. To do that, please read this post – Run Opera Mini on PC / Windows at Fullscreen. We will be using MicroEmulator to do the job in easiest way.

Now, I assume that you’ve successfully installed and configured a J2ME Emulator on your Windows PC properly.

Get to the virtual drives location and paste obml files

Your virtual drives for microemulator are located at


microemulator virtual drives location screenshot

USERNAME is the username of your Windows. You can see two folders c and e. They are the virtual drives for microemulator.

Now, copy your obml files from your phone or tablet device and paste it into one of these folders.

obml files in a virtual drive screenshot

Change Opera Mini Settings

Open Opera Mini with microemulator and go to Settings of opera mini > Advanced > Saved pages folder… > * Select the folder *.

Opera Mini settings screenshot Opera Mini advanced settings screenshot

Suppose you’ve pasted obml files in folder c, then you must select the same in Saved pages folder

Now you should be able to see your obml files in Saved pages option.

opera mini options screenshot opera mini saved pages screenshot


Having problem to open OBML on PC? Just comment below, I’ll be back to you.

Thank you!

18 thoughts on “How to Open OBML Files in Windows PC – Tutorial

    1. I guess, you’ve not configured properties of MicroEmulator.jar‘s shortcut file.
      To configure that, follow steps below:

      step 1: Open MicroEmulator folder > right click on microemulator.jar > send it to desk top.
      step 2: Open properties of that shortcut file you’ve created on desktop.
      step 3: In Start In Field, paste your MicroEmulator directory path within double quotes.
      step 4: In Target field, paste the line as below.

      C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar –impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet OperaMini7.jad

      Step 5: Replace OperaMini7.jad with your Opera Mini’s jad file name – with jad extension.
      (suppose you have om6.jar & om6.jad, then replace OperaMini7.jad with om6.jad)
      Step 6: Place your Opera Mini jar and jad file in MicroEmulator folder.
      Now, you’ve configured the shortcut file. Open that shortcut file by double clicking it. Those directories (filesystem, c, e) will be created.
      Now place your obml files in c or e within filesystem directory.

      It’ll be like below




        1. Sorry, my mistake – I’ve not noticed that the dashes “-” was converted to a unicode character looking similar to a dash. I fixed the post, now it will be like this –

          C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar --impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet OperaMini7.jad

  1. Hi, I was finally able to install OM, and was successful in saving and downloading the file, so I think you can disregard the query I’ve posted on your other post. But the problem is, OM8 apparently can open only obml16 files? Is that right? It can’t seem to read all the obml files I’ve saved using OM4. Is there anything else I can do to open them? Thanks in advance.

  2. hi.thanks for the post.i am running win 8.1 and it says shortcut path not valid.and in system32 there is not java.exe in my pc.i have jre 8.0.250 installed.what should i do.

  3. please a tutorial on how to open uc web saved page on pc, am using Nokia asha 200, please i need the tutorial as quickly as possible

  4. dear, there is an error saying no such thing exists as java.exe in c directry, i think ive downloaded Java 2 SE 1.5+ from the net but i think its not working

  5. sir i have sucessfully installed microemu, its running operamini too but no matter wat version of opera mini i download and run in it, saved pages option is not available… ive run opera mini 7.1, 7, 5, 8 but they dont show the saved pages option….plz help

  6. Hi Arpan, I have followed your procedure to the letter but fail to go past step 4. When I paste your line in the target field, the response I get is “The name ‘C\WINDOWS\System32\java.exe in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct. I running Windows 10 with Java 8u91 installed and trying to run opera mini 8.0.35626. Any suggestion would be most helpful. Thank you

  7. Hi, Just discovered that java is installed in Program Files (x86) and not Windows/system32. Problem is I have no clue on how to change the path to this location. I’m not that computer literate by any stretch of the imagination so I would be eternally grateful if you could provide an idiot-proof guide to change the path for the target box. Once again thank you.

  8. Hi Arpan, opera mini-8 can not read obml files pasted from my phone. I have changed a few at random to obml16 but without any success. Any ideas on what I could have mistakenly done to prevent them from being read. Much respect for the post.

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