How to Crimp & Make Ethernet/LAN Cable Yourself (Crossover & Straight) – DIY

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If you want to connect two or more computers in most fast way, you need to have a LAN cable. Of course you can buy a ready made cable from your local computer shops, but in this article, you’re going to learn how to make a LAN cable yourself.

DIY Ethernet-LAN Cable

What we need

  1. CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 type cable (aka Ethernet/LAN cable)
  2. Crimping tool / Crimper
  3. Two RJ45 plugs

How to sort and crimp

At first, you need to strip the cover of the cable about 2cm for both sides. You’ll get 8 wires out with different colors. You don’t need to strip the thinner eight wires again. Make them straight & sort them by color codes as mentioned below by hand. Keep 1cm of those eight wires out and cut them straight using crimping tool (crimper). Now, set them into RJ-45 plug and insert the RJ-45 plug (while the 8 wires are set well within it) into the RJ-45 slot of the crimping tool and crimp.

Remember: You will need to maintain color codes respectively. 100Mbps or 1000Mbps wires must be in a twisted-pairs. CAT5/CAT5e cables comes twisted internally. The 1st & 2nd wires makes one pair and the 3rd & 6th wires makes the second pair. You have to keep these pairs intact, otherwise the signal might corrupt data. The color code is what keeps the twists together to reduce crosstalk. That’s why maintaining the color codes is important to make the cables as per the specs to keep the twisted pairs together. Breaking the twisted pairs can work in very short distances but do not get into this habit. Keep in mind that the untwisted wire must not exceed 1/2 inch.

There are two color coding standards, and they are T-568A and T-568B.

T-568A Standard LAN Cable Color Code

T-568A Standard LAN Cable Color Code

T568-B Standard LAN Cable Color Code

T-568B Standard LAN Cable Color Code

Crossover Cable

In a crossover LAN cable, if color code of one end is T-568A then another end must be T-568B.

Just remember the number 1-3-2-6, this is the combination of crossover cable. It means 1st & 2nd pin on the first plug goes to 3rd & 6th pin of the second plug respectively and same with another end – 1st & 2nd pin on the second plug goes to 3rd & 6th pin of the first plug respectively. Please see the image below.

crossover lan cable color codes

On the above picture, one end of the LAN cable is T-568A standard and another end is T-568B standard.

Straight Cable

A straight cable is connected one end to another paralleled. But, you need to maintain the color codes of the cable. Both end should be same standard. That means if color code for end is T-568A then another end must be colored with T-568A standard. You can also use T-568B standard for both end.

straight lan cable color codes

Where to use crossover cable, and where to use straight cable?

If you are connecting two computers, you should use crossover cable.

If you are connecting more than two computers, you should use straight cable.

Hope this article is helpful for you. If you need any help regarding LAN cable, crimping, etc please comment below.

Thank you!

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