Connect Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Server 2008, Ubuntu with each others

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Hello everyone,

In this mega article, we are going to know the core and basics of computer networking, We’ll know how to connect between different operating systems with P2P and Server-Client setup via LAN. We’ll connect to the internet in different operating systems and share the connection with other computers on a network. In the end, Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance will also be part of this article.

This parent article and sub articles are actually my networking project when I was doing a vocational course (Computer Assemble and Maintenance) under WBSCVET. I’ve split the entire project by parts as its not possible to post about 7500 words in a single blog article.

So, here we go. If two or more computers get connected to each other and exchange data, that is called a computer network. Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.

Classification of Computer Networks

Computer Network can be classified in two main groups, and they are Peer to Peer Network and Client Server Network.

Peer to Peer Network (P2P)

In peer to peer network, there is no host or client exists. All nodes get same priority. Every node reacts as a host when serving data, and reacts as a client when receiving data. For a peer to peer network, all node can have any networking supported operating system.

Server Client Network

In a server client network, there is one computer which is called server and other computers are called client. Unlike P2P network, a server can restrict many things for clients. When a client node requests data, simple the server serves. Client nodes are not connected to other client nodes. For a server client network, the server computer must have a server OS installed, other nodes can have any networking supported operating system.

How to connect two or more Computers via LAN

How to Crimp & Make Ethernet/LAN Cable Yourself (Crossover & Straight) – DIY

Configure Peer to Peer Network (P2P) on Various OS

As we said before, connecting two computers can be done only with a Crossover LAN cable. Two connect more than two computers we need Straight LAN cable. Configuring process is same; number of nodes does not matter. We’ll connect and configure various OS to each other as P2P network.

To connect computers as P2P network, all nodes must have different computer name and same WORKGROUP. First three octets of IP addresses should be same and last one should be different.

Configure Client Server Network

We will be using Windows Server 2008 to setup the server. We will be using one machine with Windows XP, one with Windows 7, one with Windows 8 and one with Ubuntu 12.04 as client nodes. Connections will be made using regular switch, hub and LAN cable. We will use as the domain name here.

Connect to the Internet

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)


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