How to Configure Windows Server 2008 (Client-Server Network)

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In a Client-Server network, basically one computer is the server and other computers are called nodes. The server computer have controls over nodes, it can restrict access of nodes. You can see a typical client-server model from wikipedia.

We will be using Windows Server 2008 to setup the server. We will be using one machine with Windows XP, one with Windows 7, one with Windows 8 and one with Ubuntu 12.04 as client nodes. Connections will be made using regular switch, hub and LAN cable. We will use as the domain name here. We’ll discuss joining different client machines with different OSes with this server we are about to configure in another topic.

Configuring Windows Server 2008

  1. Provide Computer a Name
    1. Open properties of Computer > Advanced System Settings > open Computer Name tab.
    2. Press the Change button > put a meaningful name > press OK > OK > restart the computer.
  2. Setup Active Directory Domain Services
    1. Press CTRL+R > type dcpromo and hit enter > press Next > Next > select Create a new domain in a new forest > Next.
    2. We have to type our preferred domain name. Type > press Next.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 creenshot 2
    3. Select Forest functional level > Windows Server 2008 > Next > Next > check DNS server if not installed.
    4. Press Next > “A delegation for this DNS …” – message will appear. Press Yes > Set directories > press Next.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot3
    5. Type a password > Next > Next > wait few minutes… > press Finish > reboot the computer.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot4
  3. Configure Networking (TCP/IP)
    1. Open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections.
    2. Open properties of LAN adapter > Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > press Properties.
    3. Set IP address:, Subnet mask:, Default gateway: blank, DNS:
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot5
    4. Press OK > Close.
    5. Back to Network and Sharing Center > turn on/off Sharing and Discovery settings as required.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot6
  4. Add users
    1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.
    2. Expand > right click on Users > New > User.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot7
    3. Enter user details > Next > create a password > check Password never expires > Next > Finish.
      Configure Windows Server 2008 screenshot8

These were my school projects, so if you find anything wrong, please let me know.

I hope this article is useful for you. If you need any help of have suggestion, please comment below.

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