Bulk AJAX XHR Error/Exception on FireFox/Chrome/Opera – Solution/Fix

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Hi guys,

Today I was working with a project, I named it FTP File Indexer & Search Tool. It recursively scan FTP servers and fetch files into MySQL database. As PHP will eat up all memories and because of max time out problem, I’m using jQuery AJAX to do all additional works (like recursively looping through) except fetch and store file and folders into database. Today I encounter an AJAX problem. My script was  generating bulk AJAX requests. Some files were getting skipped. My code was unable to fetch some of DIRs without a valid technical reason. I used console.debug and got the following error/ exception from firebug.

	"[Exception... "" nsresult: "0x805e0006 (<unknown>)" location: "JS frame :: :: .send :: line 6" data: no]"

The code had worked one time on the Chrome, but not more. It was working fine on Opera and Safari. I searched all the web but could not find any proper solution. Later, after whole one day – I finally found the culprit, it was AdBlock plus (ABP) Browser add-on/extension. I just disabled it and the code just working great again! I was like chasing a criminal x-P

My FireFox and Chrome – both had Ad-Block plus add-on enabled. But Opera and Safari had no Ad-Bloclk plus installed, that why my code was working on them.

Finally Its working fine now, but it has many features to add. This project will be very interesting and helpful for many of you. I promise you It’ll be a complete FTP File Manager via HTTP. I’ll post it here ASAP.

Keep an eye on here 😉


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